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About the Conference

The legal profession in Singapore is facing a period of transformation. Globalisation, technology, evolving client expectations, and competition from non-traditional service providers are the main drivers of this change. The changes taking place are not unique to Singapore.

2017 is the Jubilee year of the Law Society of Singapore and it is timely for us to take a look at what’s next for Singapore lawyers in the years ahead.

This conference is timely, especially so as the Committee on the Future Economy (‘CFE’), established to develop economic strategies for Singapore for the next decade, published its report on 9 February 2017. A Working Group on Legal and Accounting Services was formed under the CFE to develop strategies to position Singapore’s legal and accounting services sectors well for the future.

The Working Group envisions that Singapore will serve as a trusted global exchange for financing, brokering, structuring and dispute resolution for international commercial transactions. The Working Group identified certain high growth areas. Deals transacted through Singapore as a hub will serve as a demand base for legal and accounting services. The recommendations of the Working Group included suggestions on how the legal sector can be future-ready.

This conference aims to share available knowledge so that every practitioner (junior or senior) can take steps to adapt his or her practice to be sustainable over time.

Practice Areas: Which industries are growing or shrinking? Should I shift my practice or skillsets?

Practice Structures: What exists beyond the traditional law firm model? Which best suits my personal and professional goals?

The Modern Workforce: ‘Understanding the millennial’ and other unhelpful statements that need to be de-bunked in order to create an effective work environment.

Branding and Marketing: How to boost your firm’s and your own professional visibility.

Modern Clients’ Actual Needs: Hear what the ‘other side’ has to say about what they want and how you can give it to them.

Practice Tools: Learn about the technology that is available to help you streamline your entire practice (eg practice management, billing, discovery, trial management, knowledge).

These are challenging yet exciting times. As John F. Kennedy said, ‘Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.’

Do make time for this and register now!

Public CPD Points:
Day 1:  6.0
Day 2:  6.0

Practice Area: Other

Training Level: General
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