Cybersecurity & Forensics Committee

Lim Kian Kim

Council Representative
Lim Seng Siew

Anil Narain Balchandani
Bryan Manaf Ghows
Elaine Tan Ee Lian
Jim Lim
Kao Kwok Weng Jonathan (Gao Guorong)
Leow Jiamin
Lim Shu Xian Eunice
Lim Sui Yin Jeffrey
Ow Shi Jack
Pang Keep Ying Joey
Phuah Kok Liang Marcus
Prasad s/o Karunakarn

Secretariat Representative​
Michael Ho

Committee Description​
Provides guidance on all matters relating to cybersecurity including but not limited to information security management, data privacy and protection, cybercrime, and digital forensic investigation and legal practice.